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Abou Samra Debuts on Italian Imprint 'Lapsus Music'

Egyptian DJ/Producer Abou Samra released his first track on Italian label Lapsus Music, featuring in the label's 'Five Star - Suite 12' EP alongside four other artists.

Egyptian-born DJ/Producer Abou Samra has been driven by success the past couple of years, dabbling in many branches of the entertainment industry. Based in Spain, he managed to reach prominence in a very short time, appearing on the bill of many amazing nights both in Europe and right here at home. His debut track on Italian imprint Lapsus Music – titled Mythology – appears first in line on the release, and is a valid contribution to the tech house genre.The track features in a five-track EP entitled Five Stars in reference to the quality of music. The rest of the EP includes music by Francesco Dinoia, Twofalls, Doc Brown, and Stefano Di Micelli. All very well rounded tracks that could work out in many situations in the club. Mythology abides by a very straightforward formula: four to the floor with a simple synth lead and an instinctive bass line that is put on an endless loop, combined with some very ethereal pads that are unleashed in full force throughout the main break, effectively hypnotising the dance-floor. Only a demo of the track exists online, so we can only imagine the rest; if it's half of what we heard, we can safely declare it a success.

Follow Abou Samra on Facebook here, and check out his Soundcloud for more tunes.

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