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Is this Egyptian Rock Anthem for Real?

Are we supposed to head bang to this...?

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Amr Mostafa and Nickelback collaborated on re-writing Egypt’s national anthem? Probably not... No one did. But in case you happen to be that anomaly in seven billion people, look no further. An anonymous and apparently severely nationalist artist who goes by MNZ-79 had enough time on his hands to create a heavy metal anthem called Ehna Masreyeen, complete with a pharaonically themed lyric video and everything. It's hard not to imagine Mr. 79 as the tall, silky haired, wholewheat skinned Tutankhamun of our dreams...going to sleep in his Hadary jersey and snuggling up with the flag every night.

The video has over 225,000 views on Youtube and hoards of people seem to enjoy it. Who knew Egypt was filled with patriotic metalheads? So please feel free to add it to your 6th of October barbecue playlist, along with classics like Abdel Halim’s Ahlef Be Samaha or Nancy Ajram’s Enta Masry. However we strongly advise against using it in any form of assembly lines as they might turn into full on mosh pits. 

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