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Nadah El Shazly, Karim El Ghazoly, and Cherif El Masri to Collaborate on New Project

Vocalist Nadah El Shazly, multi-instrumentalist Cherif El Masri, and producer and drummer Karim El Ghazoly are preparing a new live show set to debut at Cairo Jazz Club on February 28th.

Creating a surreal atmosphere through music, much like any other art form, is easier said than done. From different corners of the Egyptian underground music scene comes a new trio asserting that they are able to accomplish such a feat. Nadah El Shazly, Karim El Ghazoly, and Cherif El Masri are setting up to summon such an emanation at their next gig on Tuesday the 28th at Cairo Jazz Club. The artists will depend on their own personas and presence alongside their music to allude to a form of subconscious communication, influencing and directing their audience, something that no amount of practice or rehearsing can prepare you for - spontaneity and improvisation are unavoidable.

The band met at an astral projection workshop in Nuwiebaa, where they developed a deep friendship after remembering their past lives, discovering that the three of them have been playing in bands together for the past 3000 years at least. However this performance at CJC, next Tuesday, will be their debut in this incarnation, but with all the experiences from past lives you can be confident that they have nailed their collective sound. Their output style is inclusive, hitting on several genres, basically playing whatever they feel like in the moment. If we had to describe it, we would say smooth industrial, post-Jazz punk - one can only imagine.To get a better picture of this complex description, you would have to delve deep into each member's separate sound. The most apparent distinction in Shazly's music is her voice. Her productions are hypnotic and soothing - very subtle. Her singing, on the other hand, is rather piercing, contrasting the music she makes. Her live performance banks heavily on this contrast, taking the audience on a ride full of twists and turns using her keyboard and digital electronic instruments in parallel with her voice to piece together magnificent sets - sombre and austere at points, at others ethereal and entrancing. Karim El Ghazoly's music stems from different backgrounds. He plays drums for PannSTARRS, but also produces solo work that is unlike anything you would have heard before. Experimental music with a connivance of sorts, a rather demonic vibe haunting most of his pieces. Another side of his sonic persona may appear in some of his tracks, polarising his productions towards a spacey/alien direction.Last but most certainly not least, El Masri relates his music to several different styles. He previously played with different bands including Eskanderella and Dimension Machine. Currently, he plays with Procession Towards The Unknown and Invisible Hands. El Masri also makes music solo, his tracks lean towards psychedelic/folk rock, and ambient improv. A multi instrumentalist, El Masri shows resiliency in performing several roles in the different bands he performs with.

This time around, Masri will be on the synthesiser, Ghazoly on the drums, carrying Shazly's vocals. The combination of such a diverse array of styles and genres will be interesting to listen to, it doesn't look like this is hinting towards any dance floor-friendly moments, but rather a trippy, surreal experience through sound.

Follow Cairo Jazz Club on Facebook here check out their event page for more info.

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