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Russian Artist Living in Egypt Releases New Single 'Disconnected' and It's Lit AF

Russian musician Nataly Nechet just released a superlative melodic techno track on Bullfinch Records this month.

Nataly Nechet is a Russian DJ/producer living in Egypt, where she has been drawing inspiration from her experiences within our motherland, culminating into her latest release on Bullfinch Records. The track, titled Disconnected is part of Bullfinch's latest compilation release, featuring tracks by FictiOne, Seeds on Sofa, Veez, Cheric and Amin, RHYME, Arzuk, Cuurley, Otoktone, Weird Sounding Dude, Oneplus, and Roundhead.The track starts off with a persistent kick drum, percussions, glitch sounds, a blithering soundscape filling the background, and one shot vocal samples. The initial break paves the way to the first drop. The track is melodic, playing on old school sounds, alongside a well thought out soundscape delivering the track into the realms of modern techno. The artist sustains the beat, adding evolving pads, and more sporadic percussive inserts, where she carries on with the aforementioned elements into the main divide. The break banks on a repetitive lead, that ushers in the drop. Cue in more percussive inserts, the return of the evolving pads from the early quarters of the track. The track breaks a couple of more times, before ending swiftly, leaving us in awe of the mastery of Nataly's production prowess.

Find Nataly Nechet on Facebook here and follow her on Soundcloud for more tunes.

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