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10 Most Searched Egyptian Charities on Google This Ramadan

Ever wonder what charities and causes Egyptians are most passionate about? The all-knowing Google tells us.

The opportunities to do good in the holy month of Ramadan are endless. This year is no different as everyone rushes to the bank to deposit a big fat donation to their favourite charity, proving yet again that people are more likely to reach for their checkbooks when rewarded with brownie points and God bucks – which, in Ramadan, are multiplied. Here is how Egyptians have been spending their tax-deductible money, according to Google.         


One of the largest charity organisations in Egypt, Resala has 15 operation units scattered across the country. From education and disability care and support to microfinance, humanitarian aid and relief work, and healthcare, Resala’s wide and diverse array of services is unmatched by any other organisation. They accept donations and can always use volunteers.
To find out how you can help, call 19450.         

Egyptian Food Bank

The Egyptian Food Bank started as a corporate social responsibility initiative by a number of businessmen. Founded in 2006, The Egyptian Food Bank has been fighting nationwide hunger by raising awareness about food waste and developing food programmes to end hunger in Egypt. You can either donate or volunteer.
To find out more, call: (+202) 27586200 – 16060.     

Tahya Masr Fund

Tahya Masr Fund started as an initiative by Egyptian president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, whose administration launched the fund for the purpose of supporting Egypt’s financial recovery. Tahya Masr not only finances national projects, the fund also provides a number of social services such as healthcare, education, housing street children, and relief and aid work. Tahya Masr fund accepts donations and recruits volunteers.
Call 15118 for more information.  

Misr El Kheir Foundation

Misr El Kheir’s take on social welfare is a far-reaching and sustainable one. Aside from classic charity work, such as relief and aid work, Misr El Kheir recycles your philanthropy and turns into an investment, from microfinance projects to funding social entrepreneurship in the fields of health, technology, and education. So they basically teach us to fish. The foundation accepts donations.
To find out more, call: 16140.       

Dar Al Orman Association

One of Egypt’s oldest charities, Dar El Orman operates in several areas of human development and charity such as healthcare, housing orphans, education, food donations, and philanthropy, as well as microfinance. You can help out either by donating or volunteering.
Call 19455 for more information.   

Al Mansoura Kidney Center

Mansoura University’s Urology and Nephrology Center is a medical complex providing quality healthcare.
Find out how you can help here

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute is one of the Middle East’s leading oncology research facilities. Founded in the 1960s, the institute has provided quality education and conducted scientific research in the field, all while raising awareness about cancer and its prevention, paving the way for a cancer-free world. The institute accepts donations.
For more information, call: 19514.      

Magdi Yacoub Foundation

When world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Magdi Yacoub decided to give back to the community, he did so on a national scale, providing the country’s neediest with quality healthcare. Yacoub has always take on pro bono cases, but with the Magdi Yacoub Foundation, he raised the bar for healthcare providers across the country, performing intricate and costly heart surgeries saving millions of lives for free. The foundation accepts donations and occasionally recruits volunteers.
Find out how you can help by calling: 19731.   

Egyptian Cure Bank

The Egyptian Cure Bank raises awareness about disease prevention, provides medical assistance and relief, as well as healthcare to the underprivileged. The Egyptian Cure Bank accepts donations and recruits volunteers.
For more information, call: 16060 – 27586200.   

Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation

One of the biggest medical compounds specialised in treating children with cancer, Egypt’s Children Cancer Hospital Foundation – also known as 57357 Foundation – has operated both as a non-profit hospital and a medical research compound since 1998. The organisation accepts donations.
Find out how you can help here: 19057.    

(Photo by Mostafa Bassim)

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