Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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10 Reasons to Get Excited About 3alganoob 2015 in Soma Bay

With hundreds of musicians, tonnes of activities, 1.5 kilometres of pristine beach and thousands of like-minded new people for us to meet there, it was hard to whittle them down to just 10 reasons...

Staff Writer

10 Reasons to Get Excited About 3alganoob 2015 in Soma Bay

As April approaches, the question on everybody’s mind is where should we spend spring break? If you are a music enthusiast or a lover of camping then the decision is clear; 3alganoob 2015 in Soma Bay is the place to be April 10th-12th. For those who don’t know why 3alganoob 2015 is shaping up to be the best outdoor camping festival of the year, we have decided to compile a list of 10 amazing reasons why 3alganoob 2015 won’t just be better than last year, but may just be the event of the year.

19 Bands From Across the Region  


3alganoob has assembled an impressive line-up of who’s who in the local music scene, while making sure that every artist receives their proper artist fees. Alongside home based musical heroes comes also a diverse list of international acts from various countries in the region. With genres ranging from funky indie pop, oriental fusion, reggae, and electronic music there is no shortage of sounds ready to wash over Soma Bay’s shores. 

A Gorgeous Secluded Beach To Set Up Camp


It is rare to find a pristine beach that allows campers to set up their own tents right by the water, however for 3alganoob this is a mandatory requirement for any location they plan to set up their festival. Whether you choose to rent a tent from 3alganoob or bring your own, this unattached stretch of beautiful beach is prime for camping and will have you remembering the stars both above and on stage long after you leave Soma Bay.

Increased Security and Safety Measures


With a myriad of problems troubling Egypt, the main concern on anyone’s mind surrounding any event these days is whether it’s safe. Well, feel free to exhale as 3alganoob has taken several measures to ensure a worry-free weekend. To avoid last year’s issue with many people sneaking in without paying, 3alganoob will have a security gate 7 km away from the beach to ensure that everyone attending has a ticket and doesn't pose a threat. At the same time they will have on-site trained First Aid professionals that will be able to provide the necessary care for anyone injured or sick.

Environmentally Friendly


3alganoob considers protecting the environment as important as booking a diverse musical line-up. As such they have hired an environmental consultant to help ensure that 3alganoob 2015 is as environmentally friendly as possible. With workshops and scheduled beach cleaning, instituting a recycling programme, and donating 10% of all profits to an environmental or developmental initiative in Egypt, 3alganoob will likely be the most environmentally aware music festival of the year.   

A Yoga Retreat Like No Other


Imagine sunrise with its rays entering your tent signaling the start of the Yoga morning session. Sure, there are other yoga retreats that offer yoga only, but why restrict yourself? At 3alganoob not only can you get your yoga fix, but you can also enjoy a wide array of activities and acts that will complete your spring break.

Amazing Nearby Hotels to Cater to Your Comfort Levels

Not every music lover is an avid camper. In order to give people the liberty to catch all the action at their own comfort levels, a variety of hotels at Soma Bay will be offering special deals and constantly providing shuttle service to the event, so that you can catch all the acts you want to see while providing you with the privacy and luxury you expect from the perfect vacation. 

There is No Drum Circle Like an 3alganoob Drum Circle


Fulfilling any percussionist wildest dreams is the 3alganoob tradition of spontaneous drum circles that flourish in between acts. Whether you are looking to participate or just want to let your body move to the rhythm there is plenty of reasons grab your tabla and head to Soma Bay. Drum Circle provided to you by Bongoz ( Instructor : Ahmed Bahaa)

Plenty of Activities for Those Partial to the Sea

Whether you are looking to go diving, snorkelling, or kite surfing this break, all can be found in Soma Bay. To make sure that you can do what you love without missing any of the acts, 3alganoob has organised its gigs around various excursions, ensuring that you can do all things you love to do on water without missing any of the amazing acts on land. 

Chilling With Locals

All too often we find ourselves living sheltered lives in the chaos that his Cairo. As a result we end up losing touch with our cultural background. With that in mind 3alganoob will continue its tradition of inviting local musicians from around the area to showcase their desert sounds and culture creating new fused sounds while providing a unique anthropological experience.

Jamming for the Soul


More than a music festival, 3alganoob is also a collaborative experience.  The vision of 3alganoob is the experience of musicians and guests interacting over three days of non-stop music. With more than 120 musicians attending from five countries staying for the entire three days…

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