Saturday June 10th, 2023
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10 Stunning Vintage Portraits of Bedouin Tribes in the Late 1800s

Black and white photos of Bedouin nomads in Egypt and beyond emerged this week.

Staff Writer

Striking pictures of Bedouin tribes at the turn of the century emerged across the cybersphere this week, shedding light on how this nomad tribe characteristic of Egypt, Jordan, and the Arabian Peninsula lived.

Retrieved from the US Library of Congress, the photos were taken at the end of the 19th century, featuring unique portraits, as well as wedding traditions and tribal rituals from a range of Bedouin nomads at a time when urbanisation was only beginning to transform their lives.

As many of them were forced to abandon their nomadic way of life and settle in communities, the pictures offer an artsy, unique perspective on a culture often neglected. Today, many were forced to adapt to a more sedentary urban life, although they keep their cultural traditions and – particularly in Egypt's Sinai – preserve control over their land.