Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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122-Year-Old Palace In Helwan To Become A Cultural And Religious Centre

Princess Khadija's Palace, a historic landmark, is seeing some extensive renovations in order to set a proper stage.

Staff Writer

Having more cultural destinations pop up always manages to push the clouds away from the sun for many, and with news like this, the skies are looking pretty clear.

Plans to convert Princess Khadija's century-and-some old palace into an educational and cultural centre as well as a religious museum have already been set in motion this past Sunday. The palace, located in Helwan south of Cairo, was the princess' home from 1895 till she decided to hand its keys over to the Ministry of Health in 1902 to be used as a hospital dedicated to pulmonology (diseases of the respiratory tract).

The initiative is a collaborative effort between the governorate of Cairo and the Library of Alexandria, in the hopes of establishing the palace as a vibrant and inviting cultural hotspot.

The palace will showcase the history and lineage of the religions that have seen practice in Egypt since time immemorial, from ancient Egyptian beliefs to the three mainstream faiths; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In a statement about the message the renewed palace touts, the Library of Alexandria's Director Mohamed El-Fekki commented "This project is a sign of good faith, that Egypt is a land of peace and understanding."

An official completion date has not been announced as of yet, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for when it eventually happens.