Friday February 23rd, 2024
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14 Reenacted Photos of Egypt in the 70s That Will Make You Reach for Your Bell Bottoms

Alexandrian photographer Ahmed Mohsen has just captured 14 photos that replicate typical 70s working-class family life and they are absolute gems.

Staff Writer

We can all agree that bell-bottom pants, big hair, and Mervat Amin were basically the epitome of the 70s and 80s in Egypt. The evidence lies in that photo album sitting on the neesh that your parents seem to cherish so much. It was also a time where more women entered the workforce and the baby boomer generation was mostly thriving.

We have come such a long way since then, trends have changed, people have become more creative to stay relevant, and document something for the future to remember them by. It seems that Alexandrian photographer Ahmed Mohsen has done exactly that except not quite in the way anyone would expect. He recreated that thriving 70s middle-class feel through a photo session that featured office workers, coffee and newspaper, a watermelon, and a duck.

“In the 70s and 80s, you would always see the man walking home with a watermelon under his arm for the family and the woman would pass by the market to grab a duck for dinner,” Mohsen tells us about the habits of our parents. “I wanted to bring a new and creative concept into my work. So I came up with what I like to call Session El Batta,” he continues.

The photos were captured in some of Alexandria’s most iconic places including El Raml Station, Saad Zaghloul Square, and the Raml Station tram stop.

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Photos: Ahmed Mohsen Photography.