Monday 5 of December, 2022
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23 Egyptian Filmmakers to Watch

Looking for inspiration for your next project? Check out these young Egyptian filmmakers for a taste of the ever-evolving cinematic scene.

Staff Writer

Pyramids, belly dancers, and foul are all things that come to mind when you say Egypt, but as we know, there's more to it than meets the eye. The film industry here is constantly changing as more and more unique, young talents get behind the lens and tell their stories through a plethora of cinematic styles. From documentaries to satirical shorts, and every soul-stirring shot in between, here are some filmmakers to keep your eye on, you know, before they win that Oscar... 

Ashraf Hamdi

Film Teaser | "You Were Here" from Ash Hamdi on Vimeo.

Muhammed Ibrahim

"Me, The Mass" 01 Aya Tarek from Muhammed Ibrahim on Vimeo.

Haya Khairat

Stranger from Haya Khairat on Vimeo.

Saad Dnewar

Saad Dnewar Showreel from saad dnewar on Vimeo.

 Ghada Fikri

A Letter to My Father | Spuren 2.0 from Ghada Fikri on Vimeo.

Sara Sallam

threads of memories - excerpt from sara sallam on Vimeo.

Hisham Moll

CairoLapse from Hisham Moll on Vimeo.

Omar El Zhairy

The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375 - Teaser from omar el zohairy on Vimeo.

Abdelrahman Gabr

Egypt HD from Abdelrahman Gabr on Vimeo.

Mohamed Abo El Wafa

My Experiment With Sufism [2013] TEASER from Mohamed Abo El Wafa on Vimeo.

Seif El Din Khaled

Mirrors or Windows (Book Promo) مرآه أم نافذة from Seif el Din Khaled on Vimeo.

Mohamed El Zayat

BAKE ROLZ-BEETHOVEN from Mohamed El Zayat on Vimeo.


Nada Harfoush

The Mouse's Tale from Nada Harfoush on Vimeo.

Batool Al Daawi

YASMINE PROMO from Batool Al Daawi on Vimeo

Sarah and Salma Amir

(هنلعب علي الأرض (2015 from Sarah Amir on Vimeo.

Karim Sedrak

Summer Rain ~ Villefranche-sur-Mer ~ Canon 6D from Karim Sedrak on Vimeo.

 Hady Bassiony 

The Antichrist from Hady Bassiony on Youtube

Reem Osama

Hodou'an from Reem Osama on Youtube

Mark Hanna

State Patrol from Mark Hanna on Youtube

Kareem El-Adl

Director's Showreel 2013 from Kareem El-Adl on Youtube

Amr Salama

Director's Showreel from Amr Salama on Youtube

Youssef Alimam

Libido from Youssef Alimam on Youtube