Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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25 Egyptian #RelationshipGoals We've All Had After Obsessing Over These On-Screen Couples

If this ain't love then we don't know what is.

Staff Writer

Do you remember that time The Notebook (2004) came out, and Ryan Gosling made every guy seem trivial? And when he said he's a bird if Allie's a bird, and we were wondering if we were to say that to our significant other, would they take up seasonal hunting as a hobby, since we know very well that Egyptians are not as romantic as the reputation they hold? This prestigious trait goes back to screenwriters who have been coming up with extraordinary relationships on mosalsalat and films that make us question what the hell we're doing with the people we're with. Then casting brings actors who make your heart melt a little every time they open their mouth. We've decided to reclaim the disappointments we've had enough of in our lives, and compile our #RelationshipGoals and pray that someone sweeps us off our feet. 

Nazli & Ali from Grand Hotel (2016)

Our latest obsession, Nazli and Ali who found love in a hopeless place. Literally. Ramadan's biggest show, Grand Hotel was full of so many mysteries and weird conspiracies, and they still managed to make it happen – did we mention they were the best formula? Rich girl, poor guy – the eternal unrealistic love story and it pulls us in every single time.

Sabah & Abdallah from Nelly W Sherihan (2016)

An old couple that makes you cringe sometimes, but often makes you go "Aww!" If you've followed Nelly & Sherihan this Ramadan, you'd know all about the adventures of two cousins following the Mickey comic strip riddles – nevertheless, this couple was the most random occurrence of all.

Roaa & Youssef from Hepta (2016)

He asked, "Are you real?" She said, "What would prove to you that I am?" He responded, "A hug." She opens her arms for him. *drops mic* enough said.

Hania & Ali from Ta7t El Saytara (2015)

Because why would we not want to find love in a relationship that's doomed with our drug addiction? This couple had everyone arguing whether they were really in love or not, since he was really old, and also, since they did drugs like all day every day. Yet, we actually know deep down that what they shared was genuine – heroine aside.

Nazli & Murwan from Sokkar Morr (2015)

That look of love he has when you're totally being drunk and sloppy AF is what we're talking about. Essentially, Nazli did not give a hoot about getting married, and neither did Marwan, so they thought they should try it out. They were adventurous. She wore ripped jeans for her wedding, guys. Carefree, simple, no rigid expectations and/or roles... This could sometimes be a good thing. But may end up in a friendly divorce.

Shams & Khedive Ismail from Saraya Abdeen (2014)

Yes, being a concubine and having the most powerful man in the country fall for you and give you rose baths is a real goal.


Em-Em & 3arnous from El Wesaya El Sab3a (2014)

Relationship status: It's Complicated. These two have the most bizarre relationship, and who doesn't? With the backdrop of a fantasy-themed show that includes murder, morphing into animals, and other weird stuff – somehow, they still manage to hug and ensure each other that they're going nowhere, and staying with each other until one of them burns to death, or something.

Zaat & Abdelmegid Of Course from Zaat (2013)

This is probably the relationship of 88% of the Egyptian population; they didn't really marry out of love, they're as average and middle-class as it gets, with everything happening in Egypt, somehow, affecting this seemingly invisible and ordinary family. They are the most realistic out of the bunch we got. And we just have them here because they are our anticipated future.

Nour & Sherif from Heya Fawda? (2007)

Wouldn't any girl want a man to stand by her side if she was to get raped? This is what happens with these ones, and they weren't even together, and unlike many Egyptian men who would just up and leave, Sherif stayed with Nour and stood up for her. His mother in the picture because she set them up – some people would consider that #BonusRelationshipGoals. 

Nagwa & Yehia from Fe Sha22et Masr El Gedida (2007)

Finding love by complete chance is what happened with Nagwa and Yehia. They had no idea how to deal with this coincidence at first, or what it even meant, but that was the magic of their relationship. Serendipity at its finest. 

Yousriya & Ibrahim from A7la El Aw2at (2003)

This relationship is almost as realistic as Zaat's. Typical Egyptian couple; smartass husband, high-tempered woman, and he doesn't get her flowers and he is not romantic at all - "3ayza ward ya Ibrahim!" But, at the end, they know the love runs deep.

Yasmine & Hazem from El Sellem Wel Te3ban (2001)

This movie received a shitload of backlash for being 'too American,' and we're not entirely sure if it is, but what we do know is that Yasmine told him off about how he can be a pain the ass. And he still proposed at the end. Umm, so, we get to be honest and also get him to put a ring on it? Major goals.

Enshera7 & Limby from El Nazer (2000)

Guys. Watch the clip. She's rolling him a joint, and warning him about undercover cops. Honestly, even 50 Cent would've married her. Need we say more?

Seyada & Khalaf from S3eedi Fel Gam3a El Amrikiya (1997)

We wish our college boyfriends were as ridiculous and socially inept as Khalaf, who manages to retain his identity, and we wish we had the ability to watch him fall in and out of love with someone else, and still remain best friends with him until he realises we're the one. Oh, not to mention we will end up graduating with honours from AUC. Strong and smart? We can only dream.

Helga & Mohamed from El Nemr El Aswad (1984)

Just look at them. The story of love between an Egyptian man who travels to Germany and starts boxing there, he falls in love with a girl who is seemingly the opposite of him, but she teaches him English. And then, together, they grow and he becomes all successful. And it's Ahmed Zaki, a.k.a muscles, good looks, tan skin, and stuff. Lucky Helga. We see you.

Tawheeda & Hamada from 3esabet 7amada W Tutu (1982)

With the price hikes in Egypt, this is the most relevant thus far. Basically, Tawheeda and Hamada decide to go all Bonnie & Clyde when they needed the money. They went on runs, conning all types of people, and had a taste of that good life. It's immorally romantic.

Rooa & Kamal from El 3ar (1982)

Roo2a made him happy. He did not give a crap about marrying someone as rich as him, or at his 'level.' He embraced her. He was enamoured, happy, comfortable, (and she accepted him as a drug lord, of course), and she set up one heck of a sheesha. 


Zuzu & Sa3eed from Khalli Balak Men Zuzu (1972)

First of all, we want to look like Souad Hosni. Second of all, we want a boyfriend with piercing blue eyes. Third of all, this is one of the cutest love stories –  guys, she comes from a 'trashy' environment, and he's all ivy league(ish) and preppy, and having to deal with all those differences, and being put down by his uptight family, and still be in love means you've really found the one.

Samiha/Karima & Kamal from Soghayra 3al 7obb (1966)

Again, Souad Hosni. And seriously, Roshdy Abaza. We will take that relationship any day. This one is a bit complex, as Karima pretends to be young in order to participate in a musical show – and at the same time, she functions perfectly well as herself as Samiha's guardian. The show's director falls in love with the 'older sister', while thinking they're two different people. Since we can all be crazy bitches and we love messing around and playing mind games, this is admirable.

Leila & Hussein from El Bab El Maftouh (1963)

This one's good. And we mean, really good. They fall in love under the revolution, and he is truly a revolutionary man – not like the ones who just claim it and then screw up your life with their backwardness. Leila's trying to find herself, and Hussein pushes her, gives her space, lets her experience other relationships, writes her letters from abroad, and accepts her just the way she is. Is it still considered a goal when you know a Disney prince is a more realistic character?

Aida & Salem from El Zawga 13 (1962)

It doesn't matter if you're the 13th wife, disciplining a womanizer into loving only you is always a goal. It is the only goal. The only way.


Samiha & Hussein from Esha3et 7obb (1960)

What girl wouldn't fall in love after a man who makes her rage with jealousy, get her entire family involved, all in the hopes of realising how much she's in love with him? That's just us? Oh, okay.


Enji & Ali from Rodd Qalbi (1957)

*A moment of silence for every couple who thought transcending class differences was realistic because of these two.* Hey, if it's possible, we're all for it.

Tamr Henna & Hassan from Tamr Henna (1957)

Gypsies, carnivals, singing, dancing, roaming aimlessly, runaways, tattoos done, tattoos removed, pretending to be someone else, then him stabbing you "accidentally"... Sounds a bit like an old school Coachella, to be honest. But we swear it's a happy ending.