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300 Films from the World’s Largest Documentary Festival are Now Available Online for Free

The world’s largest documentary film festival is granting free access to exactly 308 documentaries released between 1988 and 2019.


You get a documentary, you get a documentary, EVERYONE GETS A DOCUMENTARY! As we envision ourselves a lucky Oprah audience, we’re celebrating more free stuff this lockdown period is giving us (and with it the hopeful end of capitalism), and on today’s list: over 300 documentaries by the ever-so-prestigious IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. 

Being the world’s largest documentary film festival and gathering, it curates a rich and handpicked collection of the globe’s most soul-stirring documentaries, 308 of which are now added to the list of ones you can watch for free. To check them out, just add the ‘free’ filter on their website:

We found some fascinating exports from Egypt on there too, including Nadia Kamel’s Salata Baladi. Small disclaimer, though: we might have the Pyramids, but we sadly don’t have all the titles available to us in Egypt.

Brb as we lose ourselves in a docu-daze.