Monday July 22nd, 2024
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3rd Edition of Cairopolitan’s Cairo Prints Features 100+ Local Artists

Cairopolitan's third edition of Cairo Prints is nudging Egypt’s poster design heritage with a contemporary take by displaying the works of over 100 Egyptian artists.

Farah Desouky

3rd Edition of Cairopolitan’s Cairo Prints Features 100+ Local Artists

Product design shop and art gallery, Cairopolitan, is bringing to life Egypt’s rich poster design artistry in the third edition of ‘Cairo Prints’. The design concept store launched in 2018 with a mission to experiment with 'icons of the city', creating visuals and products that embody Cairo’s quirks and everyday objects, from Baladi bread pouches to their Teen Shoki totes. And now their Cairene artistic endeavors are nudging Egypt’s poster design heritage with a contemporary take.

Poster design was an integral element of Egyptian visual culture from Egypt’s golden-age film posters or advertisement posters imprinted in every Egyptian’s memory, each poster is a piece of art and a historic reference, and while virtual illustrations are today’s replacement to the medium, Cairo Prints attempts to bring the physical poster back at their exhibition. Running from July 31st to August 28th, the space will display the work of more than 100 Egyptian and Arab designers and more than 300 artworks.

“No one in Egypt is selling posters unless it’s vintage, and galleries focus solely on fine art, which isn’t financially feasible for everyone,” Nelly El Sharkawy, managing partner and creative director of Cairopolitan, tells CairoScene.

El Sharkawy believes a lot of talented artists are experimenting with posters as a medium and they had no space to showcase their work before Cairo Prints, which is why after their first exhibition’s success in 2020, they decided to start open calls, with artists from various backgrounds reaching out to them.

“Our last exhibition featured a sixteen year old’s work, and a fifty seven year old’s, both hung on the same wall,” El Sharkawy says.

Their curated collections include a variety of different styles whether it’s typography, digital illustration, or photo-collages, ensuring whoever visits will find something appealing to their taste. All posters can be bought on the spot during the exhibition, with prices based on print dimensions.

The exhibition will take place at Cairopolitan’s store in Garden City.