Friday June 14th, 2024
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5 Mwah Moments in Fifi Abdou’s Social Media Journey

She’s hilariously experimented with Snapchat 'el snaab' filters, after she was dakhla 3al 'milliooon' on Insta'q'ram, and we’ve rounded up 5 moments where Fifi Abdou’s 5 mwah went crazy viral on social media. Aswearalavyou but eskozmee!

Staff Writer

5 Mwah Moments in Fifi Abdou’s Social Media Journey

Atiyat Abdul Fattah Ibrahim, widely known as Fifi Abdo, rose to fame in the 70s as both an actress and a belly dancer, but it seems the 63-year-old was still not officially done with the spotlight after Souq El Khudar. Hitting 1.4 million followers on Instagram, @FifiAbdouOfficial has kept the entire country over the past months reposting, sharing, commenting, making videos, staying up all night in labs and communicating with aliens to try and decode Fifi’s sacred social media methods. From hilariously experimenting through the Snapchat filters, to 525453 'aywa b2a yalla b2a's per video, here are priceless moments that we knew we had to document for proof that they actually happened. They did. 

We tried to backtrack where it all started, and all we could remember was Ramadan 2014 when she was pranked by Ramez Galal. If you don't speak baladi Arabic, we suggest you skip this one. 

That time she SnapChatted herself becoming the social buttarflay that she is, and then she became a beautiful strawberry. 

But it wasn't enough... it's never enough. 


In luxor Egypt, ,,✋💋💋💋💋💋 designed by Mona el mansoury,,,,

A video posted by Fifi Abdou (@fifiabdouofficial) on

Listen up kids, if you want to be anybody, you can! Fifi wanted to be Cleopatra, but did she let people put her down and tell her she looks absolutely psycho? No! If Pharaohs were still around, they'd probably crown her Ellah Eskozmee

Ellah Eskozmee in action. 5 Ra, 5 Tutankhamun yalla ba2a aywa ba2a

Was it enough? No. And if it makes you feel any better, there's two of her. 

Fifi's always been quite sensitive and emotional. 

Even more when she's on the silver screen. In this scene, she plays a newlywed novelist who is overwhelmed with emotions. We don't know if the last few seconds of the clips show her in love or betezghor* (an Egyptian term commonly used to describe mothers who glare at their children when they make mistakes, which is often accompanied with a pinch or a slap).