Monday February 26th, 2024
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7 Captivating Photos of the Beautiful Ballerinas of Cairo Taking over Aswan

The Ballerinas of Cairo are back and now they’re dazzling the villages of Aswan as they pirouette through the historic streets of the city.

Staff Writer

Captivating the world as they effortlessly pirouetted through the mean streets of the city, the stunning Ballerinas of Cairo are back, and, this time, they’re dazzling the people of Aswan.

The Ballerinas of Cairo defy conservative stereotypes rejecting dance, and instead present it as an act of personal expression and an art form. They combine culture with photography to show the world how beautifully fierce a ballerina can be. Take that, cynics! 

The ballerinas were captured on the banks of the Nile in Aswan, twirling across the villages of the beautiful city.

Check out the photos below.

Photos from Ballerinas of Cairo Facebook.