Friday December 1st, 2023
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7 GUC Students Use Microsoft Paint to Recreate Egyptian Movie Posters

Photoshop is a designer's best friend. But what happens when we ask these young women to show us their retro-tech design skills?

Staff Writer

We’re glad the days of phonebooks, handwritten letters, and carriages are over. Tech has saved us from many miseries and we will forever be grateful. But now, on the flip-side, we often get the feeling that human brains have been replaced by robots and computers. While we understand how important tech is, and to be honest it makes work 100x more efficient, sometimes, we know for a fact that the ‘easy’ way does not exactly mean the ‘best’ way. 

Graphic designers today are basically tech wizards in our eyes. For most, their entire careers are built on computers, apps, gadgets and most importantly, PHOTOSHOP. That's why we asked # young graphic designers from the German University in Cairo to stray from their comfort zones and regress to MS Paint to show us how much advanced technology isn't always needed.

Nadine El Shobeak

Farah El Khoudary

Nadine Gamaleldeen

Alia Sherif

Samar Mahmoud

Roukaya Nasr
Nour Helmy