Sunday October 1st, 2023
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7 Short Films You Can't Miss at Shnit International ShortFilmFestival

If you watch every single one of these it might just equal one full length movie.

Staff Writer
The Shnit has hit the fan. The biggest festival about little movies is upon us and we've got the exclusive scoop on all the bite-size entertainments that are being shown across the city. Check out our list of personal favourites, order an Uber, and get ready for a weekend full of short films that are big where it really counts. 
We Can’t Live Without Cosmos
Konstantin Bronzit
A Russian animated short about two cosmonauts with very differently shaped heads as they embark on a goofy journey to the stars.
October 5th - 10 PM at Official Swiss Club Cairo
October 7th - 4 PM at the The Greek Campus
Dry Hot Summers
Sherif El Bendary
Set right here in Cairo, Dry Hot Summers is the story of two people at the polar opposite ends of their respective life journeys who are joined in a journey of self-discovery through busy city streets.
October 7th – 6 PM at the Jamil Theatre of The Greek Campus, Downtown.
Nkosi Coiffure
Frederike Migom
Winner of the Best Short Film awards at Valladolid International Film Festival and the Washington DC International Filmfest. After a woman gets into a tiff with her boyfriend in the Congolese neighbourhood of Brussels and runs into a hair salon, the African women inside offer her some wisdom and some disparate advice.
October 5th – 3 PM at the IRC of the U.S. Embassy
October 7th – 2 PM at The Greek Campus
October 8th – 2 PM at Official Swiss Club Cairo
October 8th – 6 PM at Official Swiss Club Cairo 
October 9th – 8 PM at Zawya Cairo 
Jan Snoekx
A story about an envious metal chicken – what else do you need? It won Best Animated Short at the 2015 International Fantastic Film Festival Spain, how’s that?
October 7th – 10 PM at Official Swiss Club Cairo
Die Badewanne (The Bathtub)
Tim Ellrich
Three brothers join together to re-enact a childhood bathtub photo for their mother’s birthday. Heartfelt hilarity ensues as they lose all their clothes to regain their familial connections. 
October 6th – 10 PM at Official Swiss Club Cairo
October 8the – 4 PM at The Greek Campus
One More
Camille Herren
Legendary four-time K-1 kickboxing world champion, Ernesto Hoost, has no choice but to step back into the ring against his greatest rival one last time.
October 8th – 6 PM at Official Swiss Club Cairo
October 9th – 8 PM at Zawya
Uncanny Valley
Federico Heller
A dystopian sci-fi flick about the impending ubiquitousness of virtual reality with all the special effects and action of a big budget Hollywood blockbuster.
October 6th – 10 PM at Official Swiss Club Cairo
October 8th – 4 PM at The Greek Campus