Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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9 Cairo Galleries Where Young Artists Can Exhibit

The arts scene in full bloom in Egypt, there's a plethora of spaces looking for the next big thing.

Staff Writer

9 Cairo Galleries Where Young Artists Can Exhibit

The art industry is forever growing and Egyptian artists are constantly looking for outlets to have their work shown. We yearn for art and something that inspires us. Thankfully more and more people are realising artist’s potential and the need for art in our daily lives. Who doesn’t love looking at a pretty picture or something that really makes you question life? So here are the perfect art hotspots for emerging artists.

1) Room Art Space

This place has an identity of its own; it's cozy, it's beautiful and it has coffee. Why is it loved? Because not only is it a perfect place for young artists but also a comfortable chill hang out. Did we mention it has coffee? And food? And movie night?

2) Kafein

An atmosphere where creativity is at its peak. The place is a piece of art in itself where it brings together baladi ahwa vibes with art and culture conversations over hot beverages. 

3) Arts-mart

The first and largest online gallery in Egypt and the Middle East, is the perfect place for getting exposure. The application process is simple, and who knows - if you'e accepted to their online gallery, you might one day find yourself at their revolutionary new physical gallery.

4) Antique Khanna

Transporting you to Egypt’s golden age, this quaint gallery-cum-coffee shop is owned by a family who appreciates the antiques, books and music and displays the work of up-coming artists.

5) Art Talks

Have you ever wondered what talking to art would be like? To speak to the piece in front of you? Unlikely to happen. Art Talks however offers the closest thing in this hub of creative minds where you can easily discuss the work before you. The gallery is in constant search of what is new and is ready to adopt young artists, collaborating constantly with designers, magazines and other creative industry pros.

6) Zamalek Art Gallery

With a permanent collection by established artists, Zamalek Art Gallery hosts a series of monthly exhibitions that are not to be missed. This spacious gallery will have you deep in your own thought as you contemplate the surrounding art.

7) Darb 1718

Artists will forever be in debt to this gorgeous spot in the heart of old Cairo that has pioneered cultural innovation since 2008. This place has art workshops galore as well as a hub of inspiration and culture.

8) Teatro

Teatro is a place with a mission and it has been succeeding so far in refreshing and rebooting the art culture in Egypt. Teatro encompasses all that is art, from paintings to progressive dances.

9) Mishkah

Meaning lantern, this place is acting like a beacon of culture. Mishkah sees that society will be approved through art and if you agree then you will fit right in.