Monday 5 of December, 2022
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9 Egyptian Artists to Follow on Instagram

We round up some of the best and brightest local talent you need to follow now.

Staff Writer

 Noha Bahr @NohaBahr

Witty illustrations, rude Egyptian slang language and birds. 

Hassan Hassan @HassanSquared

Pop references, Louise and cocaine.

Poussy Mouselhy @poussymouselhy

Comics, micropens and watercolors.

Nadeen Hesham @nadictionn

Colours, colours and more colours.

Mohammad Awwad @mo_art

A psychedelic trip without actually doing any psychedelics.

Amro Thabit @amro.thabit

Creeps, ghouls and rabbits.

Mahmoud El Haddad @deseoutshyz

Portraits and patterns.

Salma Fahmy @salmahfahmy

Westeros on Instagram.

Farah Hegazy @farahhegazy

Simple, black and white.