Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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9 Egyptian Celebs Who Started In The Last Place You Expected

These celebrities probably had interesting answers to the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Staff Writer

As Egyptians, we're given the choice of being doctors, engineers, lawyers, or just straight up failures in the eyes of our parents. Nothing exists between those careers and it's a waste of everyone's (read: parents') time to do anything else. You want to go into arts, like dancing, acting, or music? You're selling your body, or you're gonna go broke. However, recently, we're seeing more rebellious streaks in Egyptians that are going into careers founded by some parents' worst enemy: freedom and passion. And some people, trick family and society into fulfilling their expectations, and even work a little, but then they actually follow their dreams. These public figures actually inspire us to step out of the socially-designated comfort zones and follow our hearts!

Aly Mazhar

This guy would've been a hunk no matter what. Either dressed up in a suit and working at a financial firm (Hermes) or doing push ups at BeFit gym which he founded. The hotness was inevitable.

Amie Sultan

We appreciate the art of belly dancing, and we can appreciate it even more when it's an interior designer turned ballerina, who then went full-on balady by becoming a belly dancer. She definitely did it 3la wa7da w noss.

Chico | Hesham Maged | Ahmed Fahmy

Can you believe this acting-screenwriting trio, who constantly make us laugh at how ridiculous Egyptians society can be are actually engineering (Chico and Maged) and poli-sci (Fahmy) graduates? We're guessing that's why they're so strategic at pointing out problems and offering horribly hilarious endings to everything?

Bassem Youssef

We know how this brilliant and creative TV personality went straight to the heart of each problem we've ever had in Egypt, and dissected the crap out of our internal affairs, and then made us laugh about. The guy is a cardiac surgeon, which explains everything.

Omar Samra

We've heard about this guy. The guy who was the first Egyptian to stand at the geographic North pole, and South pole? The same guy who was the first Egyptian to climb the 7 Summits, and the first to summit Everest and Aconcagua. Yes, he was also a guy who studied business and worked at HSCB in England. 

Laila Sedkey

She studied finance at Concordia University in Montreal, and did some schooling in Harvard to – then she decided to leave that life behind and make us the best cupcakes in town with Nola! Best. Career Choice. Ever.


Karim Fahmy

From dentist (possibly the scariest person that anyone would have to deal with) to a dream guy. From beast to your prince charming – who not only acts (7ekayat banat, 7alet 3eshq, Sokkar Morr), but is also a talented screenwriter. 

Nelly Karim

The awesome actress was once a ballet dancer, who danced her way throughout her childhood, adolescence and part of her adulthood. That's where all that grace and strong screen presence comes from, we're assuming!

Nancy Abdel Fattah

From graduating from the Fine Arts program at the University of Alexandria to one of the biggest and most renowned Directors of Photography that brought some of the best mosalsalat to your screen – Do Zaat, Segn El Nisa, El Kabous, or Wa7ed Sefr ring a bell?