Friday June 21st, 2024
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9 Egyptian Horror Movies

Ranging from the truly frightening to the downright laughably bad, here are some films to get you in the mood for Halloween...

Staff Writer

9 Egyptian Horror Movies

To get you all geared up, suited and ready for Halloween we've hand picked some of Egypt's debatably "best" horror flicks, though most are ridiculous, absurd, and down right just laughable. However they are worth watching, and seeing as Halloween is just around the corner, we reckon there's no better time to do it. 

El Ens Wel Gen

With a star studded cast, including Adel Emam and Yousra, we remember losing many nights of sleep as we were somehow allowed to see this as children, or were able to sneak it past our parents. It was traumatising to see as a kid to say the least. Try seeing it now, which we did, only to realise how the horror was just relative to our inexperienced adolescence.


No Egyptian horror movie list is complete without this botched up job of a film, despite the low budget, subpar script, and horrid acting. This film doesn't cease to be entertaining not for one second, regardless of the plot twists that you see coming for days.

El Feel El Azra2

Maybe the best film on the list, in terms of having a director who actually cared, and having a producer willing to spend some money, and perhaps some CGI that isn't embarrassing. However that doesn't seem to save the film from the usual over indulgent Egyptian clichés of poor research, and over the top drama, and plot twists that make no sense. However reviews for this one went over the top, as it was a pioneer in a genre and people were amazed by the amount of nicely crafted elements that were put together.


Despite having to go into the synopsis much, as it is almost guessable from the title of the film. Warda is about an exorcism, and whilst the girl isn't named Emily Rose, she is just simply referred to as Warda, which means rose in Arabic. Nice try.

Safeer Gohanam

This is a necessary throw back to a time when Egypt was to some degree making better movies. Starring Youssef Wahby, this 1945 horror film shows Wahby playing the devil and craftily at that. he appears to a low income family promising them worldly pleasures, as he attempts to get them to to stray away from the path of righteousness and God.



Again one of those musts if we're writing this list, Anyab depicts the usual cliché intro to any horror film which is a group of youngsters having their cars break down and having to use the phone of the only house in sight, which is, you guessed it, a house full of dancing vampires. Starring Adaweya this film is a must see as it's a surreal musical horror comedy with the best utilisation of a close up or zoom lens in Egyptian cinema to date. Much to our dismay, there's no trailer or a full copy of this movie online, so this is for the film buffs out there who love digging.

Mosawer 2ateel

One of the more recent films by an up and coming young director, while Mosawer 2ateel is more in the suspense/thriller realm, we feel like it's still worth mentioning on this list.

Ahlam 7a2ee2eya

Hanan Tourk stars in this horror/suspense/thriller, which depicts her having nightmares of crimes and murders, that actually manifest and turn out to be real life crimes.


It doesn't take a genius to guess the events really as a group of friends after some drinking decide to get all daring and whatever and open up a Ouija board and nothing goes back to what it used to be after that one night.