Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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9 Photos of Cairo's Balconies That Are Bound to Make You Look Up More

Photographer Alya Adel has been pointing her camera up towards Cairo's balconies to show how each one has its own story to tell.

Staff Writer

Let's start with the facts; balconies in Cairo are used for anything but their intended purpose. From storage rooms to basically platforms to express political and religious affiliations, we've mastered the art of turning those spaces into truly flexible multi-purpose facilities.

One Egyptian photographer, namely Alya Adel, seemed to always find herself strangely drawn to balconies and the stories behind them. In her wanderings on the streets of Cairo, she's come to realise the artistic appeal of the city's balconies and how each of them has its own distinct feel that channels the spirit to the homes and families they belong to.With her camera pointed up, Adel starting snapping pictures for balconies all over the city. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive feedback, she turned the collection into her very own graduation project. " Everyone who saw the collection was really supportive of the project," says Alya Adel."The unique details of each balcony in Egypt are like nothing you can see anywhere else."

Check them out: