Friday 3 of February, 2023
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99 Bottles of Light on The Wall

Ahmed Ghoneim apparently had way too many bottles lying around his house, and decided to get crafty. What resulted was his AG Creations brand…

Staff Writer

Usually when we finish downing a bottle, alone, on a Thursday night, we have a little cry and then throw the bottle down the garbage chute and listen to it smash all the way down like the pieces of our heart. Or, if it's a very expensive bottle we will keep it out in the kitchen for weeks on end so that on the rare occasion that people actually visit it seems like we have a rich taste in alcohol, but in reality, it just sits there; a lie, empty and stagnant like our soul. We could do with a bit of light in our inebriated lives, and that's where AG Creations comes in.

29 year old radiologist Ahmed Ghoneim creates exuberant lighting fixures and chandeliers out of used materials like alcohol bottles, recycling them for pieces that would do away entirely with any of your future guests' doubts over your refined taste.

A long time collector and hoarder of bottles, Ghoneim had his light bulb moment two years ago. "I didn't want to throw them away, you know," he says. "I had all these different kinds of bottles and I had no more space for them. I was sat next to them and I thought of something to do with them, maybe try turning one into a lampshade."

From an early age he honed his handcrafting skills, making household items out of any materials or metals he found, which is now epitomized by his growing collection of rustic home accessories -- from wine glass chandeliers and a Bombay Sapphire LED light, to literal book lamps.

Prices usually range from about 250 EGP upwards for one of his pieces, but he also can create large scale custom designs for your home.

Find a list of outlets or order online from AG Creations' Facebook page here.