Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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A 24-Year-Old Designer Becomes The First Ever Egyptian to be Featured on The Photoshop Website

Graphic designer Ahmed Nabil's project was inspired by slo-mo videos of "water colours exploding" and it's stunning.

Staff Writer

Most don't really understands the importance of graphic design in this day and age, mostly because they don’t really "get it". Graphic design isn’t just the really cool posters that you see on Pinterest, it’s the signs, billboards, and brand identities. And one of the most important tools to any graphic designer is, and has been, Adobe Photoshop. Since its launch in 1990, it’s been supporting new talent and creativity. To promote their latest editions of Photoshop, Adobe features designers whose work is beautiful and showcases the software's capability from around the globe. And this year, 24-year-old Tanta-born graphic designer Ahmed Nabil has become the very first Egyptian to be featured on Adobe’s website. 

His project “particle explosion” was featured to show how artists can use Photoshop to make animated 3D artwork. The artist tells us “I was inspired to make this project after watching a slow motion video of water colours exploding and I just sat around making these pieces for days”.