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A New Banksy Movie?

Notorious street artist/international man of mystery Banksy is at it again - or at least we hope so. The rumor mill is churning with news that he's in the process of making a new film.

There is a rumour spreading online that the notorious street art troubadour known as Banksy is in the process of making a new documentary.

On Wednesday, the artist released a 3-minute trailer entitled “Better Out than In – The Movie” on his YouTube page. The video launch coincided with an update to Bansky's official website that includes a new “Films” section.

The trailer claims that Banksy came to New York to take up the title “Artist in Residence”, an honourary title he made up for himself. For one month Banksy challenged social norms with his unique brand of graffiti, committing himself to leaving at least one signature mark on the city for each day of his "residency."

Knowing Banksy and his antics it is very possible that this all just a rouse. The newly-uploaded video is almost identical to one that was posted on YouTube last month by the Webby Awards, where Banksy received the honour of Webby Person of the Year. The only glaring difference between the video is that the artist's name is pronounced incorrectly in the more recent version.

We hope that the rumours are true, as the trailer is sure to entice anyone who is a fan of his previous films. Making films of his work is not only fascinating, but insightful for anyone looking to join the street art movement. By filming the process Banksy is essentially documentating his work in hopes of keeping them alive long after their removal.

Since 2011 Banksy has directed at least two films in the past; "Exit Through The Gift Shop," which received critical acclaim, including an Oscar nod for best documentary feature, as well as "The Antics Roadshow," a 2011 TV documentary special.