Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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A New Media Collaboration on the Horizon Aims to Change the Face of Egyptian Cinema

Production pair, Mohamed Anwar and Yasser Selim are back with a mysterious new project that promises to impact the Egyptian film industry.

Staff Writer

Yasser Selim, CEO of Black and White, is getting together with creative and managing director of multi-national media agency TBWA’s Egyptian branch, DPE, Mohamed Anwar for a massive collaboration aimed at bolstering the film industry in Egypt. The two had previously collaborated on several hit TV shows that premiered last Ramadan on news-turned-entertainment channel, ONTV such as, El Tabal and El Qaysar (Caesar,) both huge successes.

Preferring to keep things under wraps for now, the idea was born out of several conversations between Selim and Anwar about the deteriorating state of the film industry in Egypt. The project will be focused on filmmakers in Egypt and the Middle East, and increasing opportunities for them in the industry. The aim is to open new cinema markets in Egypt and the Middle so a wider variety of artists and filmmakers can showcase their work.

“We don’t want to say too much about it yet, however, when a cinema production corporation collaborates with an advertising agency, this could mean a lot,” reads their press statement.

The project is set to kick off within the next two months, and a press conference with Selim, Anwar and filmmakers from the region is set to take place in the near future to discuss the timeline of the project, and how best to proceed after that. So prick up your ears for more details very soon.