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Actress Menna Shalaby Nominated for International Emmy Award

Menna Shalaby has received her first nomination for the International Emmy Award for her role in 'Every Week Has a Friday', a Shahid original series that follows a series of violent crimes.

Actress Menna Shalaby has snagged her first Emmy nomination for her lead role in the thriller mini-series ‘Every Week Has a Friday’, or ‘Fe Kol Esboa’ Youm Gomaa’.

Released in April 2021, the wildly popular programme follows Layla, a girl with a shadowy past, who is forced to live with Emad, a man suffering from a mental illness. Filled with suspense and mystery, the pair are forced to confront a series of violent crimes that take place every Friday - a premise that chilled Egyptian audiences to the bone right up to the frightening finale.

The 10-episode Shahid series is directed by Mohamed Shaker, and boasts a star-studded set with Asser Yassin, Sawsan Badr, Arfa Abdel Rassoul, Khaled Anwar, and May Elghety. It also aired a new episode every Friday, just to add to the spooky immersion. Now please excuse us as we binge watch the entire series this weekend. It’s almost Friday again, after all.