Sunday December 10th, 2023
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All-American By Ganzeer Set To Take NYC By Storm

Culture warrior and famed Egyptian artist Ganzeer continues to shine as his latest exhibition All American is set to open in New York at the Leila Heller Gallery on Friday January 16th.

Staff Writer

Giving Egyptians a reason to be proud of its artists, Ganzeer continues to climb the ranks as one of the most interesting and relevant artists to emerge out of Egypt. Hot off the heels of making an impressive video for U2, he is set to open his first solo exhibition in the United States this January, entitled All American by Ganzeer. 

Curated by Dr. Shiva Balaghi, one of the the world's foremost scholars of contemporary art in the Middle East, All American will deliver Ganzeer's visual commentary on life in America from his unique perspective and background. Assembling over 80 screen prints and acrylics on a variety of mediums ranging from canvas and wood, to videos, All American is set to transform the gallery into a dynamic multimedia event.

Building up the hype ahead of the event Ganzeer has released a trilogy of trailers that hints at the quality and volume of work to be displayed. As described by curator Dr Balaghi, All American will be “a playful and sometimes disturbing look at the quotidian and the political” and “a visual diary of Ganzeer’s first experience of living in the U.S.”

Ganzeer began his artistic journey in 2007 and gained international acclaim off his strong graffiti work which exemplified the frustration of the masses during the pivotal toppling of two presidents. Since then, Ganzeer has had his art displayed all over the world was ranked as one of the '25 Street Artists from Around the World Who are Shaking Up Public Art' by the Huffington Post, among other notable accolades. The strength of his work was so strong that his art was considered a threat to National Security, forcing him to have to relocate to Brooklyn.

Needless to say, Egyptians should be proud of this multimedia artist, and if you know anyone living in New York make sure they don't miss this exhibit as All American by Ganzeer is set to be talk of the New York and should equally be praised by Egyptians.

The exhibition opens January 16, and runs until 21 February
Leila Heller Gallery, 568 West 25th, New York.