Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Amazon to out Readers' Secrets

The online retail giant is set to ship books to unsuspecting customers based on their previous purchases. Better hope you get check the mail before your flatmates do!

Staff Writer

Get ready for a whole library worth of confusion as you could soon be on the receiving end of some very random books, based on your previous reading habits. The bookworms' favourite, Amazon, patented the “anticipatory package shipping” process which is expected to expedite shipments through sending specific items to distribution centres close to customers who the company expects to buy them in the near future. 

The patent describes “speculatively shipping” scenarios for the delivery destinations as well as how to re-route parcels based on proximity of potential buyers, claiming that packages could remain in continuous transit on trucks until a customer decides to make a purchase. The document specifies: “Speculative shipping of packages may enable more sophisticated and timely management of inventory items, for example by allowing packages to begin flowing towards potential customers in advance of actual orders,”

If the behaviour purchasing pattern fails, Amazon could even deliver the package anyway to build customer loyalty, as a gift to someone who might like it.
Which all sounds great except it could lead to some very strange err 'gifts' depending on the likes and interests of your flatmates or even the previous occupants of your apartment.

Creepy. Very creepy.