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Ana Bokra: An Empowering Night

As part of their ongoing efforts to promote Arab women in the job market, Ana Hunna is throwing a multidisciplinary arts event this weekend...

If you care about women's rights and you read CairoScene, then chances are you have heard about the great work being done by Ana Hunna; an initiative that aims to promote women in the economy in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Morocco. Since 2013, they have produced eight new short films that tell the inspiring stories about women earn a living for their families, and have toured these films from villages to cities.

Always looking to increase awareness Ana Hunna have been busy curating events throughout the year, and will be hosting their final event Ana Bokra on Saturday, 26th of April between 6-9pm. For their big finale is a mix of creative performances that will tackle the topic of women's empowerment. Performing will be the pantomime group Esmo Eh?, comedian Ahmed Al Mojadidi, the BuSSy Monologues, accordion superstar Youssra ElHawary, and will be showcasing art from local artist Yara Kassem.

Art by Yara Kassem

In addition, audiences will be introduced to Igmadi, a creative approach to woman's empowerment through sports combining Zumba fitness, Wen-Do self-defence, and information on local initiatives that work against sexual harassment. According to Emeline Lavender from Igmadi, “We use Zumba Fitness not only to promote the importance of fitness, but the participants increase their body awareness, coordination as well as their self-confidence.”

Essentially, the night is packed with something for everyone. Whether you are looking to laugh, cry, or dance, all can be achieved, while tackling the important issue of empowering women not only in Egypt, but beyond it's border. Belal Aboelnaga from the Ana Hunna team underlines that the Ana Bokra event is not the end of Ana Hunna, but describes it as “an opportunity to join in for those who have not yet proclaimed I AM HERE, self-determined, active and powerful, and together experience alternative ways of working for women’s rights.”

To learn more about the initiative or this amazing event check out their website or follow their Facebook.