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Artist Combines 60,000 Emojis for All the Times Egyptian Girls Were Harassed

Alia Badreldin took a social media trend into her own hands and visually reproduced all the times Egyptian girls were harassed-- through emojis.

Nora Aly recently took to social media to encourage women to speak up and speak out about sexual harassment in a way that is simple and perhaps more comfortable for some. 

For 10 “different types of harassment”, Aly selected 10 different emojis girls could choose from according to their experiences. Girls quickly shared the original post, amassing over 3,500 women and 60,000 emojis. 

Fellow woman and artist Alia Badreldin noticed that most girls had included all 10 emojis, and decided to create a visual representation of all the times one of these girls was harassed. “I spent 16 hours going through everything to try and show the magnitude of what we go through on a daily basis. I think so many men realized throughout this that harassment is very much a constant force in the lives of Egyptian women,” Badreldin told #CairoScene. 

Each emoji she puts down symbolizes one of the times a girl was harassed and endangered. To see the original post, go to