Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Arts-Mart's Cairo Art Fair About to Kick Off

Egypt's biggest ever gallery exhibition starts Friday 29th May. Get your Instagram fingers ready...

Staff Writer

Cairo is about to experience a rather artistic invasion as the yearly aesthetically entrancing extravaganza that is Arts Mart’s summer exhibition, The Cairo Art Fair, is set to sweep the nation this weekend. Once upon a time, the art crew’s exhibition used to be held at the Four Seasons and drew out hundreds upon hundreds of art fiends across the city but now that they’ve created their own uber-cool warehouse-esque space in 6th October, the yearly exhibit will be held at their place this year for the very first time.

Put on your colourful kimonos and oodles of rings (ok sorry, this is just what we think the artsy fartsy humans of life wear) and make your way over to their giant art space this Friday the 29th of May, when it kicks off. It is THE biggest ever gallery exhibition in Egypt and it features that unique Arts-Mart blend of high and low; prominent and well-established masters of their trade who’ve been on the scene for years and up-and-coming younger talents who are still in the process of making their mark. Either way, the selection is impeccable. But what it means is that the art aficionados of the city, those who collect it and can drop a cool couple hundred grand on a piece to hang in their living room, as well as, you know, more modest students who can just about afford their morning coffees, can all get their hands on something they like.  There are over 300 works for you to browse through and select from. And if you can’t afford something you love, it’s okay you can still Instagram the exhibition. #Art #Artsy #Fartsy

“For us this exhibition is the epitome of years of hard work. Our dream is to unite artists on a strong dynamic platform in order to show off each artists' strength and individuality,” elaborates founder Lina Mowafy. “This is the show our audiences wait for and artists prepare for months in advance.”

So in summary, you’re in for a real treat. You’re essentially taking a stroll through the contemporary Egyptian art scene and experiencing it in all its glory. Grab your cool round glasses with mirrored lenses in order to fit in with the art crowd.

Below is a full list of the artists exhibiting:

Omar El Nagdi

Mohamed Abla

Ibrahim El Tanbouli

Samir Fouad

Abdelwahab Abdelmohsen

Britt Boutros Ghaly

Gamal Meleka

Omar Abdelzaher

Assem Abdelfattah

Mohamed El Damarawy

Mohamed Rabie

Aya El Fallah

Lina Mowafy

Mohamed El Sharkawy

Mohamed Sabry

Klay Kassem

Walid Taher

Mostafa Rahma

Ahmed Talal

Karim Abdelmalak

Walid Ebeid

Wael Darwish

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @artsmartgallery