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Austrian Artist Barbara Philip’s Graphic Diary Exhibition Captures the Melancholy of Quarantine

Starting September 30th, Austrian artist Barbara Philip’s graphic diary encapsulates the many different experiences of the COVID-19 lockdown, and will be showcased at the Cairo Opera House.

While we've all lived through the all-too-sudden reality of the COVID-19  pandemic, none of us can claim to have lived through the same lockdown. The way we grew in the face of a mounting crisis, the losses we've had to bear, the sense of denial we adopted to cope with it all - Austrian visual artist Barbara Philip compiled a collection of 40 drawings to encapsulate all these lockdown experiences from different walks of life in an enlightening graphic diary exhibition.

From border closures to empty concert halls, Philip's KNOCKDOWN collection was inspired by the sudden transformation that overtook our everyday life, resulting in a stunning graphic diary that details the period between March 16th and May 17th, 2020. Now the collection will take to  Cairo Opera House’s Garden of the Syndicate of Visual Arts to be exhibited from September 30th to October 10th.

The artist will be joining on with a live talk through Zoom to discuss her works at 7:30 PM on opening night, just 30 minutes after the doors open. The showcase will be free for all visitors, and will go on until October 10th from 3 PM to 8 PM.