Monday 28 of November, 2022
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This Award-Winning Film About Sexual Harassment in Egypt Is Now Available Online

This award-wining short film, delves into sexual harassment in Egypt and what women are doing to combat it.

Staff Writer

Sexual harassment is one of, if not the, biggest challenges that women in Egypt face. Every day women have to second guess what they're wearing, where they’re going, how they’re getting there, and who they’re talking to just to avoid something that they probably can’t. According to UN-Women, sexual harassment, both verbal and physical, affects 99 percent of women in Egypt, especially in Cairo.

In 2014 a video by directors Van Loon and Colette Ghunim called ‘Creepers on the Bridge’ went viral. The video showcased what it’s like for a woman to walk down Kasr El Nil, the busiest bridge in Cairo. It gained so much popularity that it fully funded a campaign that allowed the two directors make a short documentary film called ‘Banat El Nas.’

The film, through a series of social experiments and interviews, takes a closer look at sexual harassment in Egypt, and asks and answers the question: Whose fault is it really? ‘Banat el Nas’ has won several international awards, the most significant of which is the San Francisco Arab Film Festival 2016's ‘Best Documentary Short’ award.

You can buy the full film here.