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BBC Wants Arab Filmmakers

In conjunction with the British Council, BBC Arabic is planning a four-day Arab film festival in London, currently accepting admissions.

Calling all Arab film makers, there is a new festival in London that is looking for submission that shed a light on current affairs affecting the Middle East. The festival is called Aan Korb and is being presented by BBC Arabic with the support of the British Council. The festival aims to feature the very best work across multiple mediums including full feature and short films, documentaries and both investigative and citizen journalism created in the Arab world in the aftermath of the December 2010 uprisings.

Taking place in the fantastic surroundings of the iconic Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House, the festival will be packed for four days with screenings, talks, debates and workshops.

As it stands Aan Korb is currently looking for submissions for the festival in all five entry categories; feature films, short films, documentary, investigative and citizen journalism. At the same time they are offering a special award for the best young Arab journalists between the ages of 18-30, who have made a documentary, investigative or citizen journalism piece. 

Find out more here.