Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Ballerinas of Cairo Have Just Been Beautifully Featured in Marie Claire

They have been making waves around Egypt for several years, but now the Ballerinas of Cairo are becoming a worldwide sensation after being featured in Marie Claire Magazine.

Staff Writer

Egypt’s darlings, Ballerinas of Cairo, have just been featured in the renowned fashion and beauty magazine Marie Claire, for beautifying the streets of Cairo amidst terror threats and oppression. “It’s incredible… We weren’t expecting this at all,” director and photographer of Ballerinas of Cairo, Mohamed Taher tells us.With incredibly creative photo shoots staged around the country, Ballerinas of Cairo have been making waves nationally for the way they organically position themselves through the art of ballet, embellishing the aesthetic of any landscape. Previously, they danced on the banks of the Aswan Nile and pirouetted through the mean streets of Cairo.  

“In a city where sexual harassment is rife and terrorist attacks are a constant threat, the arresting sight of a dancing ballerina is challenging societal norms and expectations,” reads the Marie Claire article. Not only do the ballerinas beautify any setting, but they also defy societal norms and bring the social taboo of dance into the public sphere. “It gives a voice to these women because we tell stories through their dancing,” Taher tells the magazine.

The magazine also reiterated how these performances serve as a significant expression of "women reclaiming the streets of Cairo" and "commanding [the] attention" of the public. 

Photo: Ballerinas of Cairo Facebook