Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Bassita Asks You to Join the No More White Walls Campaign

If Bassita's latest video gets 3000 views, Egyptian artist Alaa Awad will be heading to Algeria to inspire the nation with his captivating murals. Find out how you can help here...

Staff Writer

What would we know about mankind’s origin story if not for the inspirationally colourful evidence left behind by our imaginative predecessors? The ancients knew there was nothing more pointless than a space wasting, mind numbing white wall. More than insult to mankind white walls say nothing and inspire nothing. Looking to reclaim negative space and transform it into colourful gigantic frescos is Egyptian artist Alaa Awad, “The Painter of the Pharoahs,” who has teamed up with Bassita and BeitRukh to start an interesting “No More White Walls” campaign.

Using a plethora of iconography of Egyptian mythology Alaa Awad, is an artistic visionary on mission to remove the shackles brought on by decades of dictorship by creatively documenting modern day Egypt on murals across the capital. His work is a reflection of both Egypt’s past and present, promising to inspire artists well into the future. Looking to sponsors this artist's work and create a cultural exchange, BeitRukh, a popular magazine written in French, focusing on the Arab world with cultural centres located in Algiers and Beirut, has teamed up with Bassita and found a white wall in Algeria in desperate need of an Awad makeover.

Coming off a very successful campaign which saw the distribution of eyeglasses to women embroiderers who couldn’t afford them, Bassita is back looking to make good on their second click-funding endeavour. Teaming with BeitRukh and Alaa Awad, Bassita have created a video calling on you to be a part of the “No More White Walls” campaign. If the video reaches 3,000 views, then BeitRukh will fulfill their end of bargain by bringing Alaa Awad to Algeria to paint a massive fresco at Ecole Polytechnique.

We here at CairoScene are proud to continue being a community partner with Bassita. With the success of their first campaign they have proven just how easy and life changing a simple click of the mouse can be in the lives of Egyptians who need it most. This time around, a simple click of the mouse will result in an Egyptian artist getting paid to inspire the young Algerian minds of tomorrow to express themselves, while making the world aware that white walls devolve society and need to be replaced. Ask not what white walls can do for you, but rather what you can do for white walls! In this case all you have to do is click here.

For more information visit, the official website here.