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Celebrating art and the environment, Semiramis InterContinental is putting on one hell of a photography exhibition.

We love a responsible business. In this day and age, it’s rare to find a company that truly cares about its surroundings and gives back to the community. Of those who do, our favourite has to be the legendary InterContinental Semiramis, who once a year dedicate a whole week to giving back. As well as sending 50 of their staff out to the scorching Wadi El Rayan – a UN World Heritage Site – to do some serious cleaning next week, they’ll be hosting an exhibition of some of Egypt’s most renowned modern photographers to celebrate and educate visitors on the diversity and beauty of our country.

By Nader Elhareedi
Participating in the exhibition are three fabulous photographers we all know and love –biologist-turned-photographer Alaa Taher, the man who shoots commercial projects and art with equal gusto, Yehia El Alaily and travel photographer Nader Elhareedi who’s been featured in the coveted National Geographic magazine.
By Alaa Taher

The Egypt World Heritage Sites Exhibition will be running from 17th – 23rd September, showcasing our country’s most breathtaking places. There will also be an information stand helping you learn more about Egypt’s environment, wildlife and history so you can join the Semiramis in giving back to our beautiful country.

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