Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Between Him and His God: Tunisian Artist Provokes Thought with New Series

A series of simple, striking graphics produced by Tunisian artist Khalil Bensira certainly has the internet talking.

Staff Writer

Six candy coloured posts featuring stick men and women and simple sentences have seen Tunisian artist and filmmaker Khalil Bensira become a trending topic on social media today. A provoking series, the hashtag used by Bensira in his posts reads بينو بين مولاه# meaning 'Between Him and His God' and features some the Arab regions' stigmitised behaviours and people: homosexuals, Salafists, women who dress in short dresses, people that drink alcohol, those who aren't fasting in Ramadan and atheists. The hashtag is designed to discourage the very Arab habit of getting involved in other people's business, suggesting that religion and concepts of right or wrong are intrinsically personal. Bensira writes [in Arabic]: "If it affects your life, then you have the right to speak up. If it doesn't, then keep to yourself and live happily until doomsday when we we'll all be judged."