Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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‘Beyond the Raging Sea’ is Finally Being Released in Cinemas

The gripping documentary sees Egyptian adventurers Omar Samra and Omar Nour take on a perilous ocean-rowing trip and will at last receive its public release - two years after premiering.

Cairo Scene

For the last couple of years, the world has eagerly awaited the long-delayed cinematic release of this epic adventure starring a much-adored Egyptian. This Thursday it’s finally happening. NO NO it’s not the new James Bond movie featuring Rami Malek. It’s Omar Samra and Omar Nour’s Beyond the Raging Sea.

Having premiered almost two years ago at the third edition of El Gouna Film Festival, the gripping documentary is finally set to receive a public release on Thursday 30th of September, when it will arrive in select cinemas across Egypt, as well as in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The action-packed documentary follows a swashbuckling Samra and Nour taking on their toughest challenge yet, the Arctic Challenge, a gruelling annual ocean-rowing race that challenged the two Egyptian adventurers to traverse a perilous 3,000 mile trip between the Canary Islands and Antigua - unsupported, unaided, all alone in the wide blue waters of the world’s second-largest ocean.

While this kind of fearless, daring undertaking has become second nature to the two Omars, the documentary speaks of something bigger. We all know the story by now: they don’t complete the trip and have to be rescued, a twist that echoes the plight of so many refugees. Having turned heads on the independent film circuit, winning acclaim at everything from the Berlin International Film Festival to the European Film Market, the film has challenged the world’s reaction to the ongoing refugee crisis of the last few years, it’s dared to make people think about and digest the journeys of refugees on visceral level, as Samra and Nour walk in the shoes of millions of displaced people across the world. It’s a film that has as much depth as it does drama.

Beyond the Raging Sea will be showing at VOX cinemas at Mall of Egypt, City Centre Almaza and City Centre Alexandria from Thursday 30th of October.