Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Incredible Video of Blind Egyptian Women Rocking Some Orchestral Tunes

Those visually impaired Egyptian women make us feel musically challenged.

Staff Writer

A group of blind Egyptian women have been taking our social media by storm in a video showing them playing some kickass classical music in their own orchestra called Al Nour Wa Al Amal, meaning 'Light and Hope.'

Whether ridiculed and made fun of in some Egyptian movies, or dismissed altogether as ‘lesser’ people, blind Egyptians, and especially visually impaired women, have not had it easy in Egypt or in other regions of the Arab World. Their roles as wives, mothers, educators, and strong women have been downplayed and dismissed in different contexts.

However, with all the limited forms of accessibility in mobility and expression for people with disabilities, many of us have recognised a shimmer of hope where the heartwarming video of the visually impaired Egyptian women playing their violins has gone viral. The orchestra, organised by Al Nour Wa Al Amal organisation, focuses on aiding the visually impaired women of Egypt. The orchestral shows, some of which are sponsored by UNESCO show that it is about time we rid ourselves of stereotypes about disabilities being hindrances, while dismissing the great potential and creativity that can be result of exactly that.

Feast your eyes (and ears) on the video below.