Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Blooms Photography Camp: Showing Kids and Teens How to See Cairo Through the Lens

The camp will be headed by none other than the award-winning photographer Khaled Abul Dahab.

Staff Writer

We live in a day and age where computers, technology, and mobile phones are part of our daily lives and to an extent, they dictate what we do and how we do it. We’ll admit, the children of this new generation know how to handle it all better than we ever did, it’s almost like they’re programmed differently. Don’t deny it, your five-year-old nephew probably holds up your phone camera and takes a selfie more perfect than anything you’ve snapped before. That’s how performing arts and youth education company Blooms Egypt recognised a need for the youngsters of Egypt to discover their talents and develop their skills. This summer, they have launched their Blooms Photography Camp with none other than the award-winning international photographer Khaled Abul Dahab.

Abul Dahab himself has travelled all over the world giving photography classes and workshops. So after Turkey, London, Italy, the UAE, India, and and more; now he’s in Egypt to bless our children with the art of photography. He has also won international awards for digital art and even awarded for capturing the second best shot in the world using advanced lighting equipment.

Because you’re in safe hands, and because Abul Dahab is passionate about showing people how to create beauty through the lens, Blooms Photography Camp is calling for all children aged five to 17 years old to bring their cameras and discover how to work its magic. There are two levels for the camp - beginner and intermediate where kids and teens will learn new and innovative methods to express themselves through an intricately planned programme that combines basic camera skills, how to take a perfect shot, and even light painting.There are two primary camp locations: Sheikh Zayed and 5th Settlement with outings planned along the way at other locations such as the Pyramids of Giza, Old Cairo, Wadi Degla Protectorate, and loads more. The children will be guided and mentored by qualified team leaders from Blooms Egypt as well. And once they successfully power through the camp, they will be awarded at a graduation ceremony by Abul Dahab, showcasing the beautiful shots they captured. Can we pretend we’re children and just join in ourselves?

The organisation itself, Blooms Egypt, can be recognised as a forward thinking and innovative company that specialises in bringing performing arts activities and informal education to the youth of Egypt. The company is famous for their successful Sol Academy that guides kids through an all year round character development program. With Blooms Egypt, our children can learn the core values of teamwork, personal development, and learn what it takes to pursue their dreams - something that they really can’t learn in school.

Here is a breakdown of the camp.Checkout the video below.

To register for your child, fill out the form here. A team leader will then call you to discuss all aspects of the camp with you. One shot can change your child's life. Deadline for 5th Settlement is 13th July. Deadline for Sheikh Zayed is 27th July.

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