Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Blue Elephant Author Ahmed Mourad Publishes Newest Novel ‘Locandet Beir El Wataweet’

Ahmed Mourad, author of blockbuster titles like The Blue Elephant, Diamond Dust and 1919, has released a new novel about a murder mystery in the 1800s.

Staff Writer

Ahmed Mourad - the novelist behind blockbuster titles like The Blue Elephant, Diamond Dust and 1919 - has just released his newest novel, 'Locandet Beir El Wataweet' with Dar El Sherouk publishing house. And if you're not familiar with the reason we call them 'blockbuster', it's because we're being literal. The Blue Elephant has already been readapted into two feature films. Diamond Dust has also been made into a feature film starring Asser Yassin, while1919 is currently being filmed with Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abdel Aziz in the leading roles.

And from the sound of it, this new book won't be any less exciting. The novel follows the protagonist, Suleiman Effendi al-Sioufi, in 1865 as he comes across diary entries in room number seven at Locandet Beir El Wataweet, the titular motel. Eventually, he realizes that its contents reveal the first in a series of murders - and suddenly, his own life is in danger.

The book is currently available everywhere books are sold, including on Amazon, iRead, and Kindle. The novelist will host a script writing class with One Shot Workshop in September, with enrolment available through 01120320355.