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Bruce Willis Set for Egypt Film

The Die Hard star is set to to create an upcoming movie, The People Demand, centred around Egypt's ongoing violence and uncertainty amid a tough government protest crackdown.

Yippee ki-yay ya om el donya - Bruce Willis is making a movie about Egypt. Hollywood's favourite bald man has been signed up to produce and narrate The People Demand, a feature documentary centred around the struggle for democracy in Egypt and elsewhere. The story focuses on April 6 movement activist Ahmed Maher, who was sentenced to three years of hard labour for violating harsh anti-protesting laws. Could Bruce Willis be to Egypt what George Clooney is to Sudan? We're sure we'll find out soon.

The flick is also is set to look at the political motivations for suppressing free speech and democratic movements by comparing the events in Egypt to politics in Spain and Russia, in an attempt to explore how people can better work together to achieve their common goals. Willis will spearhead the film with Lord of War executive producer Michael Mendelsohn, alongside executive director Michelle McElroy, who also works with the Bruce Willis Foundation.

Filming is set to begin shortly, so Cairo residents can expect disruptions centred around Tahrir Square - no change there then. The movie is set for an autumn 2014 release and here at Cairo Scene we're glad to see that finally Hollywood is starting to notice of Egypt, even if only to cash in on our unique real-life special effects.