Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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CCDC's Distancias Brings to Life the Art of Contemporary Dance

Libertad Pozo’s Distancias Longterm Workshop: Creating and Performing the Process at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre is happening until March, with performances in April at the venue. Cue the awakening of our inner dancer.

Staff Writer

How many times did you cringe in self-loathing while watching So You Think You Can Dance, stuffing your face with Doritos, wondering whether you can actually dance? How many times did you look at your body in the mirror and wish it was a little more flexible rather than being stiff and so unlike the elegant swan women in perhaps every movie ever? Why torture yourself? Sometimes it’s easier than you make it up to be in your mind.

Libertad Pozo's two-month dance workshop at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre (CCDC) has been going on since February and is continuing until the end of March, twice a week, with concluding performances in April. Pozo, a contemporary dancer and choreographer, started hosting the workshop - titled Distancias Longterm Workshop: Creating and Performing the Process - in early February. To the relief of many of us, the workshop welcomes people with no experience in dancing and people coming from different art disciplines, as well those who are just interested to work with and discover their bodies. For those who missed the chance to join the workshop, no worries, you can still catch the final performances and as such, the culmination of the magic that is dance, as their efforts in navigating the concept of ‘distances’ with Pozo will be made into a performance, set for April.

For three years, Pozo has taught contemporary dance at CCDC to full-time students, as well as having given open classes, workshops, and choreographed works. Educated in the Netherlands and Spain, Pozo has developed her own style which is improvisation-heavy and inspired by her everyday life details and environment. Pozo applies to her performances the Critical Response Method and has been sharing her experience in Spain, Portugal, England, Finland, The Netherlands, as well as Egypt.

Her workshop, happening now, is a great opportunity for those willing to take part in a professional dance education, and will also act as an introductory workshop to CCDC's upcoming full-time professional training program. Participants will get a taste of contemporary dance and improvisation, in addition to composing tasks and the chance to bring their own material and vocabulary to this workshop.

Now for the good news for us normal people who appreciate dance but can't actually do it: you can catch the performances in April, so stay tuned for more information about that soon!

For more information about the workshop, visit the Facebook event here. You can find out more about CCDC here or follow them on Instagram @ccdc.maat.