Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Cairo Tattoo Convention: Meet The Artists

If you're looking to get inked at the massive upcoming event, look no further as we present the artists traveling from across the globe this November. Find out more about their styles and experience and how to book a session here.

Staff Writer

With Cairo's second tattoo convention hitting the city in a matter of weeks, we take a look at the artists ready to ink you up come November 6th and 7th as Nowhere Land Studio taps tattooing talent from across the world. If you're looking to get a tattoo at the massive two-day event, be sure to contact the artists (links below) to book an appointment as soon as possible.

Orne Gil, Nowhereland Tattoo, Egypt

Founder of the Cairo Tattoo Convention 2015, Orne revels in experimenting with new ideas, designs, colour-use and style diversity.

Contact Orne here.

Vicente Ibáñez, Vicente Ibáñez Tattoo, Chile

Sharp and neat lines, inspired by Eastern and traditional tattooing with a strong focus on Tibetan style.

Contact Vicente here.

Fercha Pombo, Fercha Tattoo, Germany

Black ink ingenious dot-work and shading, mutating techniques from element concentration to dissociation.

Contact Fercha here.

Andrea Guerra, Monza Tattoo Club, Italy

Art Brut tattoo specialist, driven towards intriguing and feverish designs.

Contact Andrea here.

Vareta Tatuagens, Monza Tattoo Club, Italy

Spiritually inspired, sentimental works, detailed watercolour and free hand designs, with 17 years of experience in tattooing, tutored by visionary artist Alex Grey.

Contact Vareta here.

Alice Azmy, Hurghada tattoo, Egypt

Running her own studio in Hurghada and experimenting with a diverse range of styles, Alice has special interest in Russian convict/sailor inspired tattoos, with 12 years of practice and artistry in an extensive portfolio.

Contact Alice here.

Sonat Gokdel, Diagon Tattoo, Turkey

Renowned artist with a track record of working with worldwide celebrities, using a distinct style of portraits.

Contact Sonat here.

Nimet Arıkan, Amazon Dovne, Turkey

Naturalistic artist with detailed soulful works involving animals and nature.

Contact Nimet here.

Fareed Hattar, Fareed Hattar Tattoo Shop, Jordan

Meticulous portrait specialist using black ink and spot on shading techniques.

Contact Fareed here.

Mishla, Mishla Tattoo, Spain

Black & coloured ink artist, incredible dot work tattooing, applying intricate skill and knowledge over wondrous subjects.

Contact Mishla here.

- Meerak Meinohg, AKA Berlin, Berlin

Graphic realism and surrealism specialist using creative conceptualisation over fascinating, dynamic design results.

Contact Meerak here.

Timur Reda, True Skin Art, Egypt

Neo-traditionalism, realism, horror, geometry, and scripts executed to perfection.

Contact Timur here.

Faouez Zahmoul, Wachem Tattoo Studio, Tunisia

Talented, dynamic artist with a focus on detailed subjective illustration and non-subjective decorative design.

Contact Faouez here.

Simona Trapani, Big Otta Tattoo, Egypt

Dynamic artist with a personal interest in Manga, Oriental culture and trash polka cartoon tattoos.

Contact Simona here.

Chris Powers, Chris Powers Tattoo, USA

Captivating illustrations using unique pattern styles and shading techniques.

Contact Chris here.

Ona Cots, Mu Body Arts, France

Traditional black ink tattoo specialist, with characteristic yet dynamic inclinations to various styles and techniques.

Uğur Avcu, Uğur Avcu Tattoo, Turkey

Award winner at İstanbul Tattoo Convention in the portrait category in 2012 and in 2013 in the realism category.

Contact Ugur here.

Noemi Morico, Noemi Morico Tattoomatto Studio, Italy

Lettering styles, traditional realistic, Polynesian and cartoon tattoos using utmost care and precision.

Contact Noemi here.

Tugrul Erkus, Tugrul Erkus Tattoos & Diagon Tattoo, Turkey

Contrast colour and watercolour specialist, realism and abstract design artist and multi-award winner.

Contact Turgrul here.

Fadi Michael, Fadi Michael Tattoo, Switzerland

With over 15 years of experience, with multiple influences, exploring various styles from around the world.

Contact Fadi here.

For more information check out full artist profiles on Cairo Tattoo Convention's website here.
Check out Cairo Tattoo Convention's Facebook page here, and event page here.