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Cairo's Contemporary Dance Meets the Rest of the World

The Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre is set to be the hub for artistic and cultural exchange this month as dancers from across the world gather for a week of inspiration.

The Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre is set to become the hub for international dance progress. From December 15th to 21st, Danse Bassin Méditerranée and MAAT Dance M.E.C.A (Egypt) are organising a platform for dancers from every corner of the world to meet and exchange about the past, present and future of contemporary dance. Round tables and discussions allow for dance enthusiasts from different backgrounds to exchange cultures and ideas with amateurs, professionals and those who simply love dancing.

Experienced dancers will share their experience about the recently finished CCDC 3-Year Full-Time Professional Training Program in Contemporary Dance. In this international gathering they get the chance to express their creativity to a cosmopolitan audience. Performances will entertain visitors and be discussed after to ensure dancer's progress. There will also be films shown such as The Network and The Noise of Cairo, as well as networking events and dance studio tours. Basically, contemporary dancers can't miss it under any circumstance.

This event promises to be both educational and entertaining. Those who are looking to enjoy dancing and learn more about the artistic and creative side of expressive dancing may join experienced, professional dancers and instructors from all over the globe to share their passion, techniques and ideas. 

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