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Oops, She Did it Again

CairoBookStop: A Bookworm's Best Buddy

In what is bound to be the largest collective-nerdgasm-inducing news of the year, CairoBookStop has launched to map out every bookstore and publishing house in the country for all you avid readers out there.

Fellow bookworms across the nation, rejoice! CairoBookStop is here, and long gone are our woeful days when we would stumble upon bookstores entirely by accident and never find what we were looking for anyway.

The website maps out every single bookstore and publishing company in the Greater Cairo area, along with a description of the kinds of books they offer, and a short history of the establishment. 

The website will also start featuring libraries that people can visit soon, and plans to host a forum where users can interact with each other to share ideas, writing, etc.

So if you're ever in search for a good read and at a loss for where to go, CairoBookStop will give you the lowdown on the best book spots in town.