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Celebrating Homemade Drama at 1st Egyptian Radio & Television Festival

The festival will gather many of Egypt's most dramatic stars and spokespeople, honouring them for their contributions to media while hosting three days of workshops at the Cairo Opera House.

In celebration of Egypt’s storied history in media, the first edition of the Egyptian Radio & Television Festival is set to take place at the Cairo Opera House from January 24th to January 28th.

While the format of the festival has yet to be fully revealed, what we do know of the five-day event is that media workshops will take place throughout, while a yet-to-be-announced jury will deliberate awards that will look to honour some of the biggest names in the field.

Egypt, of course, has a long history in TV and radio production, the colossal Maspero building standing as testament to that as the oldest state-run broadcaster in the Middle East and Africa. Stay tuned for more info.