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Colorshuffle: Taste the Rainbow

We delve into the colourful mind of young Yara Hesham, founder of Colorshuffle, to find out what inspired her vibrant business...

"The brand is called Colorshuffle because I'm constantly working with and developing new shades of colours all the time; putting them together, merging them, shuffling them..." says founder Yara Hesham.

We take one look at her flamboyant mandalas muddled with detailed doodles, and were struck with dazzling artwork that inevitably catches the eyes, effortlessy grabbing the attention of anyone within its vicinity. "I wanted to make people happy, and colours indicate cheerfulness and affect a person's mood. That was my main goal; spreading joy," the 19 year-old artist continues.

It all started when talented Hesham started posting her designs on Instagram and got enough positive feedback to give her the idea of taking her art and applying it to beloved objects we use everyday. "I started by making small jewelry pieces, like necklaces and bracelets, all handmade," she tells us. "My brand then took a twist, when I decided to create designs for bookmarks, sketchbooks, notebooks and other things I found to be too dull in the market for my taste." 

Stay up to date with her latest designs, updates and simply get your dose of creativity on her Instagram.